Munster Joinery Windows

Munster Joinery has been Irelands leading window manufacturer for over 40 years.  During the boom in Ireland Munster Joinery’s windows were installed in more homes than any other manufacturer.  If your home was built during the 90’s or 00’s there is a very good chance that you have Munster Joinery windows.  The handles, hinges and locking system all need an occasional application of oil to increase longevity.  They may look now as good as the day they were installed but many of the moving parts may now need to be replaced.

What problems might you now have with your Munster Joinery windows?

Worn out Hinges.

Hinges especially benefit from regular oil.  If the hinges are not oiled their lifespan is greatly shortened.  When window hinges wear out they no longer pull the window in fully when closed.  This allows draughts and street noise to come through the window.  Ambassador Window Repairs supply and fit a full range of replacement hinges that are compatible with Munster Joinery Windows.  We use “Elite” handed hinges.  These, we believe, are the best hinges on the market.  They are far superior to the original “universal” type hinge that may be on your window.  When new hinges are fitted your window will close very tightly and eliminate draughts.  This can make your old window as good as new and at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.


The locking system on PVC windows needs to be lubricated.  Munster Joinery put grease on their locks in the factory, and often this remains on the windows up to 15 years later.  Despite this, and depending on usage and proximity to other damaging elements such as dust from roads or salt air from the sea, the locks will eventually break.  Sometimes the lock may break when the window is in the closed and locked position.  When this happens you will find that although you can move the handle freely, the window will not open.  Sometimes the window may be open and impossible to lock.  Again, although you can pull the window closed, moving the handle into the locking position will not actually secure the window.  Ambassador Window Repairs carry the full range of replacement uPVC window locks.  We can replace most locks in a single visit.



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