Lucan Window Repairs

Ambassador Windows have been serving Lucan since 1999.  We are familiar with most windows and doors in Lucan and so are well placed to repair your windows and doors should the need arise.  The common faults that occur in windows in Lucan are similar to the faults that occur in windows all over Dublin.  The most common window problem is a broken handle or lock.  In this instance the handle may move but not open or lock the window, or the handle may have come off in your hand!

Lucan window repair

Lucan Window Repairs

Common window problems in Lucan

The second most common reason for needing a window repair in Lucan is draughty windows or hinge failure.  If hinges are not lubricated they become stiff.  This leads to damage both to the hinges and to the handle and locking system.  Sometimes the hinges break in a very obvious way that is easy for any lay person to observe.  However, very often and especially with the fine dust that can be found in most cities and areas, the hinge can become strained.  This can lead to only a small gap that is not obvious.  But this small gap can cause a significant draught. We can call and replace window hinges in a single visit.  Our “Elite” hinges are far better that the universal type hinges fitted in factories and will give you many more years service.


The third most common reason for a call-out to Lucan is unfortunately broken glass or double glazing.  We have repaired countless double glazed units and safety glass panes over the last few years.  While some of these glass breakages were due to vandalism, most were not. The majority of broken windows in Lucan were caused by grass cutting, football and other innocent reasons.  We have repaired some windows and doors after burglaries, but again, this is not very common.  The people of Lucan are also no strangers to breaking their own windows!  Hard to believe?  If you ever lose your keys please do NOT break a window.  We are never far from Lucan and can gain access to your home without needing to break a window.


We also replace patio wheels or patio rollers, fit child safety locks and window restrictors and replace door locks as well as fitting security devices.  We carry a range of replacement parts to suit most PVC, Aluminium & Timber windows and doors.

Many of the windows and doors in Lucan were fitted by Munster Joinery.  We carry the full range of replacement parts for Munster Joinery Windows and can repair most windows and doors in one visit.  This means that we are fast and cost effective as well as competent and friendly!

If you live in or near Lucan and have a problem with your windows then call or email us.  We will be happy to help.

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